Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching is for individual professionals who need help to prepare or perform presentations, on stage and/or online.

In 1-to-1 sessions we spend time on:

  • Your message
  • Who will be your audience
  • The structure
  • Which stories & facts you’d like to share
  • Extra requirements from client, like the overall theme
  • Use of body & voice
  • Use of space
  • Use of physical appearance, like clothes
  • Media (PPT or other tools)
  • In case of Dutch speakers: to what extend you need support of a native English translator

You can consult us for Presentation Coaching when you have, for example, a TEDx Talk, a lecture, a pitch or have to lead a workshop.

With Presentation Coaching you can decide the focal topics of the coaching and how much time you would like to spend on each topic.

Watch TEDx Talks coached by us.

Example Case